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Praise be to;

י ה ו ה


The Father of Heaven aka "LORD" who loves all of us!

Welcome friends ! Our new site is now online as of February 06 2020

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Faithful Canadian Men

that have been salvaged from the deceit of sin, and been granted another chance through the salvation of the

Son of God, Jesus Christ.

We know how hard life can be when you don't have the message of the Good news of God's love in your life, and how to live so he can be present with you day by day!

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Are you having issues coping with the problems of this world? 

Worry no more! We are humble workers of Jesus and got your back!  To request prayer click here >>

Jesus AKA "Lord" is the son of God, the first born! The lamb of God!  The way the truth and the light! Through him all else was created!

Aaron the first priest!Aaron the first priest!

Faith Makes All Things Possible



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We are expressly trying to have Bibles on hand for people that request them!  We would like any NIV 1984 copyright or older, used or not!  Monies for that go to shipping costs.

The Bible is a unique sequence of words!  The environment of paper in this time and space is something we must be considerate about - so we believe in having paper book bibles expressly avaialbe in hand to our pupils and international memeber and preachers no matter where they are- in English or as close as we can get to thier specific language.

We are not divisible by skin - especially if you are not baptized, or even if you are baptized - the door is open for mentor-ship to any human being!

Accurate Study Material

The authors of this site strive to educate and learn in the Spirit of י ה ו ה.  We will build a library to keep the information including accurate bible translations readily available. 
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"Why would I not want to know the one who created the heavens and the Earth?"

Jesus Warrior