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Praise be to;

י ה ו ה


The Father of Heaven aka "LORD" who loves all of us!

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Faithful Canadian Men

that have been salvaged from the deceit of sin, and been granted another chance through the salvation of the

Son of God, Jesus Christ.

We know how hard life can be when you don't have the message of the Good news of God's love in your life, and how to live so he can be present with you day by day!

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Are you having issues coping with the problems of this world? 

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Jesus AKA "Lord" is the son of God, the first born! The lamb of God!  The way the truth and the light! Through him all else was created! mission is to bring good stuff to the world.


I went through a really negative time coming up to my days of real devotion to God.


All this hoopla in the news, we got leaders that are just living a soap opera drama and there is no worshipping of God, its all money, lies and celebrity and bad decision making leading to other humans suffering and the loss of animals, fish and the destruction of God's Great Creation our habitat we call Earth!


People that hold the spirit of the anti Christ in their heart are easy to judge.   Does some one want to much?   How about lie?   If someone is lying, or stealing they don't know God, if they covet richess for them selfs that is the Anti Christ spirit.


If a person is blessed with abundance and they want more, more, more!    I am sorry, Jesus said, "Give freely as I did."

Its very simple to call out the anti Christ Just compare any one and there actions to Jesus and vola you can judge there Godly devotion.   Man kind needs to understand, Jesus our leader is the high priest of man kind, we don't got nothing with out him -  the big bang happened and Jesus was born, the Father of heaven Jehovah had birth pains and through the Messiah (Jesus our leader) all other things where created.


Today, we have a spirit in the world that is tricking us from happiness, God is a God of Greatness he doesn't want us to suffer- and the bible is not about us being obedient in the sense that God wants to control us, he simply is so great and immensely perfect if we are allowing filth to come on us through the deceit of sin; addictions, drug use, sexual immorality, greed, lust, theifery, un clean eating, and just being plain old misrible - he will not be able to present himself to the filthy out of pure respect for himself.


Now you see why we have so much depressing, and really just let down trauma from today's spots of influence.  When was the last report of God showing in your main parliament buildings?   never, why because we are un clean we are living in a world that has a lot of sin.


So we want to introduce you to Jesus so you can come to know your own sin, except it, bare your own cross and find the shame now so you can repent, witch is just your own sin and be freed of it through the love of Christ.


We are although a happy church, we are disciplined because we love God so we do a lot of praying and meditating on what we can do and learn to be closer to God and be in the Armour of knowing him and allowing him to present himself to us because we are being clean and good obedient children to him.


We want to share that with the world, because we don't want pain, we don't want war we don't want death of our families we want God given his due respect so that he can present himself as the number one leader of man, and we can live with him forever.


We want to help people hang up the phone on; gang violence and drug dependency and crime, we want to rid the world of child abuse and poverty, we want people to live freely not bound by a jail cell of wanting what tomorrow has, and not being able to embrace todays blessings and goodness-es - we want to reach out to the ones who feel oppressed and  be there for the needy and bullied!   We want to pray for the governments, for they are very sick, very, very mislead right now and need our prayers.  We want to teach and distribute the bible to everyone, NOT AN EDITED VERSION, but a good accurate translations of the original Biblical writings so that everyone can come to know the "LIVING BIBLE" AND WHAT IT MEANS - that is not misleading of the curses and requirements of God's presence in your life.  We want people to be released from sexual and substance addictions and we want people to realise that God feeds all the little birds and animals surely he cares about you and your belly as well!   


And we want every one to know God, not the counterfeits, and to know that live is to short in this sinful world for any one to claim that God screwed up on them, we are all special and all significant!  We must not forsake our blessings, with eyes that only see view details of our self's.


If you are in need and want prayer or any type of spiritual support, or  we help people transition from street and Gang life and put up a wall for them to come clean and rehabilitate and come to know God through support and prayer and love for God.

To contact us for any thing we might be able to do, click here including suicide leadership- you are valuable and one of a kind! No matter what, shake it off, contact us for some prayer warfare! Ohhh yaa- if you are thinking about suicide you need to contact us now!