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Praise be to;

י ה ו ה


The Father of Heaven aka "LORD" who loves all of us!

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Faithful Canadian Men

that have been salvaged from the deceit of sin, and been granted another chance through the salvation of the

Son of God, Jesus Christ.

We know how hard life can be when you don't have the message of the Good news of God's love in your life, and how to live so he can be present with you day by day!

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Jesus AKA "Lord" is the son of God, the first born! The lamb of God!  The way the truth and the light! Through him all else was created!


Tough times are many, but you know who is always there through the times of short comings?


Jesus is always there!


He is the magic penny! Love! I love Jesus and know him well! He gives me strength when I think of him!  He reliefs; pain, hate, anger vengeance, takes addictions anxiety away from me with his power!


Call him


I have a heart for London. My Dad loved London and its been my home since I was 1 years old!


Today I am back and giving up weed and drinking booze to much. I am getting same stories that I got when I first left town to build my carrier!


Being home nothing has changed to much - there is still violence, crime and drug abuse.


Being an ex dealer ADDICT, prostitute industry buyer and seller, gang striker collector - the whole gambit! I was the guy back in the day, I did my time though - I did my time regrettably I lost a lot of years for what?


It has to be people like me to break the cycle! Once I got baptized the wholly spirit came into me and I was blessed with good fortune, God proving his love foe me! At that point though when I came home from the Windsor Christian Fellowship, I had already excepted the fingers of deceit in my life! I was a thief, a drunk and addict and dealer! It was hard to get rid of my bad habits and dendincies!

Today I have to be on guard, for myself!


I let a couple of down falls push me back and before you know it, guess what I had stolen goods, weapons and drugs in my house!


Things went to shit real quick! I thought at the time I would just hustle my way out, but calamity was on my ass as the Wholly Spirit let go abit, especially the nights I would consume drugs and alcohol!


London called! lol I got right back into it and right back into trouble! Today I am reminiscent on those days and just like 5000 years ago the Bibles Words are either a curse or protection, weather you want to listen to them or not! lol


Having a bad feeling last night I knew guns where cocked and sure enough people have been busted again! I am praying for you guys! I am praying for the east side and I am praying for you guys to become content with living!


Part of the local demons is this inability just to sit still and enjoy being alive!


That un easiness comes from inside! People arn't happy with them selfs and want to be some buddy! That drive in us London, guys and galls drives us to crime, and all of a sudden we are feuding and robbing, and up all night on meth then we are paranoid that the guy/gal we just robbed is coming after us so we are packing ridiculous weapons out of self difference psychosis but in reality we are the threat and plain and simple really not making good decisions and in our proud euphoria of the gang striker self image end up with serious weapons charges as calamity strikes as it always does when you stay up way past to late on chemicals! Those chemicals don't come regulated so when you get them mixed with mold, or a weird molecule of phetynal they are just slightly different then your psyche is expecting, and WULA!


YOU ARE THE ONE THAT IS THE NIGHT MARE! i am getting sick of all my dead friends and Exeter road is just so old to me today!


I know, I know my experience with pot and booze goes back to like 1993 - and I help get the meth going back in 1998-2000. Today its not on my agenda, so is the booze off and partying because if I booze to hard, I loose my Christian personality, like ay idiot drunk acts stupid! Any ways long story short - I am a good Christian and understand what is behind the problems in the community! Peer influence, financial stress, self confidence issues and drug addictions! Belief me, when you are getting one up on most of the above the spirit of addiction comes a craving!


That is when you call on Jesus -just give it to him!


Say this prayer - “Jesus take this addiction from me right now from my mind and heart and heal my body, in your mighty name Jesus Christ of Nazareth!” Say that every time you have craving and contact me here if you are really in despair and want fellowship, community direction and best of all back up prayer! Read the rest of this article by going to the web site!



say it right in front of your freinds - especially if you are in the over rediculous hood - like come one its throughing life down the tubes ok - its not freedom to be sketched out and in trouble and paranoid! With phetinol afoot its suicide! I am so sick of blueberrys- that is what I call people who have had thier lungs shut down for to long from Phety od, people go blue!  At that point they are not getting oxygen and are very close to death and are getting brain damage! 

If you don't have an neloxon kid, or don't have the understanding to administer it, or guts - you have to call 911 if you care for that persons life, or they are dead!


On the discussion of cops!  We have a good thing set up here in Canada!  People paying attentions to bad influence are wrecking it!   Thinking about having a good life and choosing to make an impact instead of being impacted makes a huge difference on your long term sobriety!  Be strong, do good healthy things! 

If you are around people that are talking about ratting this ratting that, its like at what point are they going to get you and your life into trouble?  Alot of times I find these "solid criminals" are just idiots!  I have had drug addicts and dealers call the police on me on both sides of the coutry so don't fall into that trap and use it as a pre cursor to decide on your friends!  People doing things that are not condoned by society are going to get you into trouble! 

I have had the cops called on me so many times and even when I wasn't involved chased on Canada wide for murder - its not worth it! Its stupid guys I am sorry! its stupid stupid stupid!

Think about those really hard times when you are getting jonesed out!  Trust me! Helps me stay in control!  Like enjoying a beer on a patio is so much better then spending my Dads funeral in prison!  So that thought helps me on many different levels to stay in control!

Rap music is another one!  I don't know why we don't hear country music where there is terrorism chanting going on but we don't, its rap music here that contributes to really bad habits! 

You gang guys I am going to be honest! Get real!  You know 99.9 % of the successful rappers are rappers they aren't gangsters ok!  I know, again I have had so many of these guys call the cops them selfs -  so don't go there and don't one rap tune make you think that gang life is cool!  Its not!  Most my gang buddies are dead! The real tough guys, the solid ones!  They are the ones in jail!  So take your pick! It's stupid and artificial no offense!  Canada is not built on crime!  Hospitals are not built on anarchy!  Bridges don't get maintained on choruption!  Communities with high crime have corruption!  I am writing people to fix that, and our country is protected by the blessing of God, thus forth this site, talking to you today with my testimony and guess what!  I am not dead or in jail and am not a rat I just am being used as a learning tool and back up for you to see the light and I am working for balance between the big and the small to make Canada an easier place to live with out stress.

And people selling drugs to 250 pound london boys with weapons that can tweak out at any time in a good way, or when it comes in a very bad way and become as dangerous as Fready Crouger!

Come on what thug wants that in his community, or around his girls 14 year old daughter? I don't that is why I don't deal any more, my concience well and what I see my mangled mess of the result of my buddies lifes on the shit to long is why I promised God I will not sell drugs!

Drugs cause people to be outside of thier moral code!  With day to day heavy drug use, its not if it when is bad situation going to happen!  Coming to stratford, Ontario really sucked for me!  So many of my friends!  They are wards of the system because they can't hold life together!  That is not cool! That is not reason for celebration!  Like at what point on welfair are you going to do what I have done with my life?  Most of these mangled messes can't even take care of thier kids - its so sad!   To me to deal to someone like that is no fun! 

So to the dealers, guys come on man don't deal to messes please I like Canada clean.  If its one or two nights a month right on, what ever I am Mr. Parti a Canadain, but most of the time nope! Heavy drugs just suck brain cells to quick and any one doing criminal life style choices are going to fall on the bed of addiction and they are useless and voletile - and not cool!  Canada is not cool and can't sustain full of welfair gangsters that can even be trusted with 10 bucks!  It sucks!  I won't hang out with you guys - your looosers!  And I will be honest if you are teaching kids, who will choose to be your friend because of issues with self concepts and just wanting to be cool!  Your as good as dead to me!  Drugs around schools is a big No No here!, drugs around minors, big no no!  Just so you guys know before God I will intervene with that and not care about the rat lable, although I am not a rat but at that poinnt where gangs and drugs are putting schools and kids in the line of fire and bad influence, if you are contributing - I believe you are a terrorist and we need to exterminate you and we as the people guys like me, the tax payers the police we are right to go after you guys wheather on the street what ever its got to stop!

I just got sick of drug addicts! No amount of money is worth that to me! It sadining! And I know way too many ghosts, money just ain't the same to me now!


I don't care I give that addiction to Jesus!


If you are finding it hard! I am at the end of this ad placement! I am not a narc association! I have thought hard about that although do stand on the side of righteousness thus I do have respect for the law and establishment!


I don't need to rat people off - I got the power of faith in Christ!


If you are on Bouly, if you are on Godard! I am prayinng for you!


I am praying for your family, I am praying for the kids, and the woman and I am hoping for the theft to stop and the prostitution to go away and I am praying for the community to be at piece and happiness with itself and to come to God and the Wholly Bible and to understand the love behind the manual for life! "The Bible"


Its so beautiful here if you are happy with yourself you will be happy with London!


When I first started hitting the stuff again after being baptized its because I had a preacher come on to me sexually at a church I really loved! I don't blame him any more! I am a tough guy, and its not about me and ma or woman, its about me and God! So remember that! Your gona get let down by man/woman, all the time! That is the message here! Don't call on man/ woman when you have problems and definitely don't call on drugs and booze for me that is the stupidest cause then when I got problems I am just more stupid through inebriation! Call on Jesus - he is the same no matter who lets you down, or who you have let down! Thanks for reading, I feel better already because their is a blessing that comes from preaching the good news of the bible to people especially the still suffering!