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Praise be to;

י ה ו ה


The Father of Heaven aka "LORD" who loves all of us!

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Faithful Canadian Men

that have been salvaged from the deceit of sin, and been granted another chance through the salvation of the

Son of God, Jesus Christ.

We know how hard life can be when you don't have the message of the Good news of God's love in your life, and how to live so he can be present with you day by day!

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Are you having issues coping with the problems of this world? 

Worry no more! We are humble workers of Jesus and got your back!  To request prayer click here >>

Jesus AKA "Lord" is the son of God, the first born! The lamb of God!  The way the truth and the light! Through him all else was created!

Easter is a special weekend!  What Jesus did 2021 years ago

was amazing, he died the most powerful man who ever lived blameless on the cross, or what some religions would argue the torture post!


It isn't relevant though the small difference between a pole and a cross although some religions will argue about it it doesn't matter it is the act that is most important because when Jesus died living perfectly in the flessh he committed the greatest representation of forgiveness and love.  He died as a perfect example for the rest of us to live like.


Think about it, this guy could nuke everyone in one thought but he died at the hands, murdered by imperfect man so that you and I can be in contact direct to God through him as his perfect sacrifice of his time in the flesh connected us all to God!


That is why prayer is so important and my favorite model prayer, mich means its just an example for people, and really what I use over the years to beat addiction here is my one model prayer;


"Father God, please take the urges of addiction and temptation out of my mind and heart and heal my body in Jesus mighty name!"


That is it -  Jesus sealed the deal on Easter 2021 years ago for you and I do be able to pray right to God with athority, for each other, for the community, for bad and good situations - for anything!   Just say "In Jesus name!"


Because he is the key to the Universe the first born "Lord" the one through all else was created!