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Praise be to;

י ה ו ה


The Father of Heaven aka "LORD" who loves all of us!

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Faithful Canadian Men

that have been salvaged from the deceit of sin, and been granted another chance through the salvation of the

Son of God, Jesus Christ.

We know how hard life can be when you don't have the message of the Good news of God's love in your life, and how to live so he can be present with you day by day!

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Are you having issues coping with the problems of this world? 

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Jesus AKA "Lord" is the son of God, the first born! The lamb of God!  The way the truth and the light! Through him all else was created!

Prayer is going out for the homeless and the realestate rebait fraudsters that over price rental property to steal from gov can through market over statement fraud and for the law makers and justice to squash that in Canada and the USA and around the world where similar scams of the devil are jailing communities to market price lies and rental tax re-bait fraud!  WE CONDEMN YOU SATAN AND YOUR FRAUDSTERS WHO ARE WEEK TO THE PRIMITIVE TRAITS OF GREED!  WE PRAY FOR THE POLICE WHO HAVE TO PROTECT EMPTY PROPERTY THAT THE FREEZING HOMELESS SHOULD BE ALOUD TO FIND REFUGE IN FROM THE VERY COLD CANADIAN NORTH IN JESUS NAME! WHAT A SIN! YOUR FAILURES BEFORE GOD TO WORRY MORE ABOUT TAX AND SHARE HOLDER MONIES WHEN COVID PROOVED MONEY DOESN'T MATTER MANKIND MATTERS TO GOD - MONEY IS IMAGINARY TRICK OF THE DEVIL TO FOOL MAN OUT OF HIS HEAVENLY HOPE AND INHERITANCE OF THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN!


Prayer is going out for the Catholic church to be remembered for the many many great humanitarian deeds they have done including feeding so many white, black, aboriginal and other peoples around the world!

Prayer is going out for the world rich kids and leaders to be Canadian and open their hearts to the giving miracles of Jesus who said its better to give then receive! 


No other leader of mankind compares to mighty Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

Canadian Christian prayer is going out for - Residential School -

We need truth and we need healing and we need love and we need to be at the point that we realize that we are survivors and that Canada is growing better and better!  We pray for the dead and the still suffering!

Prayer is going out for the dead and still suffering of covid

AND THE current pandemic and for the lost soles in mass graves in Canada from the last one!

Prayer is going out for the Canadian family tragically taken by car hit in London, Ontario! 

We prayer for the survivor may the little one be an object of his country (Canada's) love and bear the testimony and may we over come any hate!

Canada is not a hateful place!

Prayer is going out for guilt on the rich to be humans and be fair! 

Rent is too high!  Wages are too low! 

Maybe that is why God let covid go too stop the insanity of the rich taking everything in greed full sin and stressing everyone out! People who take to much and don't give are not Canadian! Their a-wholes !  Don't ass kiss greed mongers!

Crime will go down when things are fair!  We pray for guilt on the rich greed mongers and the tax rebate fraudsters who are over pricing rent and real estate for unfair tax re-bait fraud like empty over priced down town London, Ontario and horrible Amazon and Walmart that make trillions but pay the lowest wages, and take advantage of Native Reserves and take advantage of dead workers by not paying insurance too the wife and kids and husbands of their workers! 

These massive entities are putting the working man in stress, and making it hard for the homeless to stabilize and the criminal to become a good man or woman and causing needless pollution by being primitive greed mongers!  The rich are slaves to the sin of greed!  Jesus knows their sin! When the rich over come their sin of greed the world will become a much; better, safer and happier place!

We are praying for Trudeau to be even stronger and more cunning and write laws and for rev can to go after the big and care for the small!

We are praying for people too be real Canadians

like the Piece keepers and freedom fighters of the collision forces that gave everything for our freedom - the toughest guys in the world - be strong, be fair and be honest and love your neighbors and be blessed for that!

They fought to destroy corruption that binds us so that we may have freedom!

We are praying for these things in Jesus mighty glorious name!



Prayers for the Queen Mom and the Royals of England April 2021

I want to pray for Queen Elizabeth the Second!  I pray for her heart to be filled with love and embrace the times and knowledge that the great prince will be known for ever!  He lives in my Canadian mind and heart.  What a Christian role model he was and is for infamy a;  Great father, grand father, and Great Grand Father, a loyal and Honorable husband, a law binding man, a man of quick and honest words, a man that you can bank on for advice and understanding of duty and conciseness, and discipline!

If all men followed and embraced the character leadership of Prince Philippe what a great world!  Let it be!  I pray for a great smile to continue on your faces and courage and love for your place, and I pray for the world to understand why you have been given your place to be an example for the defacto law - the WHOLLY BIBLE! Prince Phillipe lived explicitly buy it! The people who follow the ways of God and ultimately as well the ways Prince Phillipe exhibited will see him again!

Love and prayers Queen Elizabeth and Family from Canada

In Jesus mighty WHOLLY name!


Coming to Easter 2021 prayer

Ii pray for people to be captivated and in Love with Jesus as I am!  I love Jesus ad realize him as my savior and my greatest sports hero!  He is the greatest champion and "to me" he is the greatest spiritual leader and is so inspiring to my own; forgiveness, content with my neighbors, and love for people and understanding for the primitive things mankind does!  I pray for people to exept Jesus in thier hearts and minds, both the rich and the poor this Easter of 2021

In Jesus name

Prayer is going out for the Orientals of Canada and the rest of the world that many are not blamed for a mistake of a few.   Love your neighbors, remember you are not perfect and only have so much time in the flesh don't waste it on hating innocent members of our country - we are safe because people act intelligently and caring to one another here.  So I pray for protection and love and mercy and kindness on the orientals of Canada and the world to be loved and not blamed by the rest of us.

I have needed surgery for almost 2 years and can't get it it isn't the Canadian orientals who have made that happen its everyone who doesn't believe that covid is going to get them and they end up in the hospital and that is why the doctors are to busy and over stressed and Canadians are paying for people who haven't been smart enough or disciplined enough to social distance.  Image if everyone social distanced for 30 days including just wearing masks and staying 6 feet (2 meters) from everyone else - covid would be gone already.  So I pray for social distancing and people taking responsibility for them self's if they think they are not going to get sick but are actually passing covid around - I pray for intelligence and discipline on those people. 

In Jesus name

I am praying for the still suffering addicts!  I am praying for the spirit of addiction to vacat mankind.  The bills are getting to high because of the way we are conducting and managing one another - drug addiction and alcohol take away your finacial security and power - I pray for that to be in peoples minds and thier future be in thier hearts before they relapse.  I pray for guilt in the hearts of the drug dealers that give poisons to addicts and I pray they understand that when they give to a powerless addict they have contributed to the waste of our generation.  i PRAY FOR DRUG ADDICTION TO STOP THIS EASTER IN CANADA



Praying for Californian's who have been hit with ongoing tragedy and for Canadians to remember that as there own people are obviously busy! HELLO! People Cali has had fires and now the worst place for covid!  Is God being considered here!   Lets pray for them! - maybe they need preachers the most right now!  DEFINITELY LETS PRAY FOR CALIFORNIA EXCEPTIONALLY THE HEALTH CARE PEOPLE AND THE CANADA DRV CALIFORNIA OPERATIVES CLICK HERE TO GET INFO ON DONATIONS AND SPONSORSHIP

In Jesus Name

Praying for the brave men and woman who have died on the worksite!  Like the two young men lately in London, Ontario!

We pray for your families needs and their hearts!

In Jesus Name


PRAYING FOR PEOPLE TO BE HAPPY WITH THEIR FAMILIES and understand how great God is, you social distance and you live and get free time with your most loved ones - love them and embrace this time to see how weak we are!  

In Jesus mighty name



Praying for the purity of God's Bible to come forth and be held high by mankind.

In Jesus mighty name

praying for Justin Trudeau and the liberal cabinet of canada to give knee to the most high God and his pure message not a conjuring mess of filthy sinful deception - hence forth the leading of the walk to hell! Take it out of us In Jesus Mighty Name


Praying for the USA - and well you know to grow up!  To much, the guy needs to know God and start to read the bible, forhimself!  I pray for Trump to be found by God, and find God in his last days as the Presdient of the USA I pray for it I pray for a miricle on him I pray for Jehovah to walk the halls of the Whitehose and mentor to trump in person, My dad what a great thingj I love you I give that ask on behalf of the Presedent of The USA!

In Jesus name

Praying for Now the men an woman who are lost to stupid presence of false words in the USA - following a man to small to come to grips with the glory that he should have be walking with in his last days as the President of the USA -  let me put on the party we can even covid certify amazing last party !  I pray for Trump to come to his knees before God and for his people for him to give them leadership.

In Jesus name


I am praying for Doug Ford to have strength and hope and new vision, for the future of Ontario and to now know the weeds sucking our monies!   I pray for Doug to really stand up and get to know his creator!

I pray for Doug Ford to be blessed 

In Jesus mighty name

Prayer for guilt on the Japanese to get the 

Fukushima Reactor fixed before they ruin the Pacific for ever!

In Jesus name

Prayer for men of the Earth to embrace that of what their works are as they spend there days stressing out for money and destroying the earth

In Jesus name

Prayer for the families of the dead covid - I pray for people to start being considerate of their families and social distance before they are killed by the covid strains

In Jesus name

Prayer for mankind to seez the reality of what we are doing to our earth - and not contribute any more to any of the stories at the link below

In Jesus name