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Praise be to;

י ה ו ה


The Father of Heaven aka "LORD" who loves all of us!

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Faithful Canadian Men

that have been salvaged from the deceit of sin, and been granted another chance through the salvation of the

Son of God, Jesus Christ.

We know how hard life can be when you don't have the message of the Good news of God's love in your life, and how to live so he can be present with you day by day!

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Jesus AKA "Lord" is the son of God, the first born! The lamb of God!  The way the truth and the light! Through him all else was created!

Two step plan to get off drugs, right now!


  1.  Number one thing to do right now is give it to Jesus!

    We are going to defeat the spirit realm and submit your/our/their glitch to God through pray
  2. Identify drug addiction, your lack of control and the horrible things that to much substance does to your brain and body as an enemy and a filthy mark on your whole life, punishing your family and deleting your own success - through bondage - so you basically brain wash your self out of addiction - basically psychologically start re programming you to see what really you are doing


Right now see it for the pain it is in your life and others! Put it in an imaginary suitcase and visualize it in that bag!  Visualize the throne of God, the great king who loves you!   Now, hand that bag of bondage to Jesus sitting on the thrown of heaven with God! - in doing this you are actually praying, or practicing meditative prayer!

Don't fall short of his strength and mercy through lack of faith, believe, or just let me believe in proxy for you for now.

Say this prayer every time you are feeling temptation, even if 10 times a day till its gone permanently- if you are here for a loved one or community member, great lets pray for them together-

"LORD, Father JEHOVAH take this bondage and pain from me - who ever- right now please, give me -them- strength against addiction - right now and let my mind have rest and heal me - my; mind, body and spirit thank you LORD God

IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME in Jesus Wholly name, in Jesus wholly name"

This is another model prayer for you to use. Use it as an example for how to pray! Notice how I ended with - "In Jesus name?" that mean that the prayer has been sent, like a fax, Jesus is the send button, that is why its so important not to curse and use his mighty name!  It is dangerous, how powerful he is, and to recognize that for his and God's in you, means you can move and heal mountains!

Say it every time you get misconduct cravings!

A lot of us mix crime and sex with drugs - so say this prayer or another version of your own each time you crave until the spirits of filth lift from you! If you need something pray for it!  Jesus said pray - so do it all the time!

When you pray for yourself you are actually going to be doing a mini exorcism on yourself each time!  God loves you and Jesus said, "Ask and you shall receive!"  Wow!  He to awesome, I love him!

We have music and media being used to spread affliction, people don't recognize it as such - but this is my duty to teach others.

Ever hear a rap song that just made you feel evil or violent, or like flipping a brick? or smoking drugs?  How about a movie or TV show where your favorite gangster inspired you to flip that brick - ooh ya especially when your drunk or high? 

The story of Sodom and Gomorrah is all about spiritual affliction! Sodom and Gomorrah where two cities that where situated together, probably that grew into each other!  A man named Lot was told by God to find some righteous people - Lot couldn't find them and God had enough of humanity there betraying his requests to be in line with his natural order.   That group of people where so sick, they would rather rape other men then sleep with virgins!  I kinda don't blame God for thinking that is kinda, not right!   So any ways, God told Lot and his family to flee to the mountains and don't look back or they would be killed!  Lot and his two daughters made it!  but Lots wife, looked back and was turned to salt!  Looking at that for what it is, you can say God is pretty big meany, but the demonic presence in all those perverts where being displaced by death so Lot's wife when she looked back, the transgression, (movement) of the spirit realm kinda like cell phone frequency, you can't always see it but its there, and it can damage you, so she was turned to salt salt iodine is a radiation neutralizer and that is why we have many superstitions and other folklore that use it to break curses and stop demonic possession!  there is science behind this!

Any ways, you are alive after great Jesus died on the cross a perfect man for your sins.!   He was fused to every molecule in the Universe, so now its very easy to call on him any time!  You have his power - that is the whole story at this point if for us to recognize his Jehovah given authority for doing what he did on the cross!

Even the churches at this point give no credit, they just its hard to conceive the power and authority of great Jesus!  So immense!  But it is so, so real!

Start looking at the world for what it is - it is so much more a childish place!  To know a leader who will shoot and kill people or who will warship money and doesn't know Jesus!  Its almost like you feel bad for him for he doesn't know true power at all!   Lol

Mix it up when you learn to pray and harvest for your self a relationship with God, once the Wholly Spirit drops down on you then you can start doing your own intercessory prayer!  Pray; FOR YOURSELF, for people, places and things, let me know you need prayer, just send a line through the contact here in and I will start praying for you! 

I am a preacher and a great profit told me that until I start giving my life to God, I will be always injured, its bin six years since that, and I have been injured every year and almost murdered! lol  But Jesus promised me 1000 years - I will be here with him so I have no fears, that means I will go through the 1000 year rain with JESUS as the leader of the one world government!  Sorry BOSS'S OF COUNTRIES I have been praying for you in other sections but the truth is - we need every buddy to step aside and realize there own stinky butt, and limitations and let Jesus be boss, until then we are in the days of great tragedy and tribulation! 

As soon as we turn on full 5G we will have global famine!  Stupid humans! Destroy the earth for money and marketing, how brilliant!

More on theory later, but please keep practicing and send me a line, if you are really troubled, doing the funky flail, or have terrible violence from gangs, let me know to pray right away - and you, just bask in Jesus protection on you - he is in all our hearts so even the bad ass's in Mexico, or Montreal, or Toronto, or N.Y or Edmonton, or Singapore, or where ever they think they are the baddest rap video that scare everyone to death, when Jesus comes through the hearts of the lost, how can they be so crazy any more?  They can't - I know I use to be one of the lost and stupid!


Visualize what addictions are really doing to your; mind, body and health, and financial situation!


Fidel Castro was right!  

he said

"Drugs are the nuclear bomb of the third world country!"

So what are you doing when you do drugs?  You are blowing up your life!

Visualize that, brain wash your self back into reality! 


  • wreck your mind by screwing up the brain chemistry even causing legions that look like STD'S - IS THAT COOL?
  • They ruin your sensibility through brain damage - that is how they give you a buzz
  • they make you poor by screwing your reputation up
  • they create un warranted sexual and other desires because of the chemistry, flesh cell and Nero logical damage they do
  • they ruin your other bodily functions including; your liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, skin
  • they drain your bank account
  • in some areas like Texas, or China or the Philippines they put you in extreme danger of long prison sentences and even death sentence - is that really worth the holy wood or rap video playing in your brain damaged head? NO

SO think about the wholes in your head- and remember what drugs really are to brain wash yourself back to reality!

while your are doing that next hoot, think about your kids, your parents, think about what you are really doing - then you will break the curses as your survival instinct and love for your self and loved ones kick in!

 The two things we have done here, are, teach you how to pray and do micro exorcisms, which I Jesus Warrior can back your play for - I love prayer!  Its stopped some bad ass stuff right in its path for me and other faithful men being put in very scary situations!  How stupid of me to forget that, But I did!

Also you know how to use psychology to start weaning your brain of the thought that drugs are really fun!  Again if you are mixing in the buzz of sex or the high of the chase or clyptomania, or some of my boys are right screwed in the head and would get a buzz from shooting people in the head when they get the uforia of crack or other stuff!  Me I was linked to sexual immorality and really, violence and crime! So I have to pray regularly, and going to get some booze is extremely dangerous for me, because all those demons that right now as I write this word of leadership to you and I bask in the Spirit of Heaven, Satan's and the fallen angels, you can't see them right away nope, but they are here just waiting to jump behind the wheel when you use alcohol to get drunk, becoming un clean through substance, then the wholly spirit of God vacates from you and your addictions come stronger then before, so watch out if you drink its very serious to not drink to much ever!

If you are reading this page as a frustrated parent or brother or loved one, we must do intercessory prayer - give me some info with precise things like first name age and drug of choice -  this is not an RCMP or inter-pole web site, but specifics help because from 5000 kms away I can bring the armies of heaven and Jesus's power gifted to him, to me, through faithful prayer to act on people places and things any where in the Universe - through faithful meditation and prayer!

To request intercessory prayer warfare for any situation contact Jesus Warrior through this site!  I ain't scared a nothn! Jesus got my back!